Two Years Married, One Year Mom Bloggin’

If there’s one thing my relationship with my husband has taught me it’s that God’s timing is perfect.

We met in a split second. Literally. He was floating by on a raft, (which he abandoned) and we would have never known each other otherwise.

Dating and marriage followed quickly.

Then we went on our honeymoon and a few weeks later learned we made a daughter there. I was confused. I didn’t think I was ready to be a mom yet. And until I was actually faced with the decision, I never thought I would be a stay-at-home mom at that.

But she grew strong inside me and came into this world with a fierceness. She was coming whether I thought I was ready or not. It was hard, intense, beautiful, magical and it changed everything.

I used to spend my days chugging coffee and writing what other people thought they needed for their business. OK maybe the coffee part is still true. But back then I told myself that I was happy. That life had meaning because at least I’m doing what I love for a living. I kept plugging away hoping that one day my words would somehow help people.

And now (thanks to my supportive husband and the Internet) I have the privilege of being with our daughter and writing what I believe is important.

It’s not glamorous—anything but actually. It’s a daily grind and I never get everything done. Screw “laundry couch,” I have a laundry bed.

But now it’s clear that God had planned this all along. The true meaning of life and the way I can help others through the one thing I’m gifted in. If you don’t believe me on that one gift, just ask me a simple math question. I dare you…

If you’re struggling with the timing of your life, take a deep breath and just know that everything is exactly how it should be.

OK, that was basically a Justin Bieber lyric– but the boy had a point!

JORD Watches: Review and Contest

My husband lives the corporate life, but he’s a nature lover at heart. If he could be anywhere in the world, he would want to be surrounded by water (preferably fishing). He loves to cook nutritious foods for our family and shares my passion for organic remedies.

His appreciation of the outdoors is reflected in his personal style. So when JORD Wooden Watches asked me to review the Dover Olive & Acacia watch as a Father’s Day gift, I said YES because I knew he would love the unique wood design. Plus, his watch collection is MASSIVE. How cool of me to gift him a watch for once!

Our watch came custom fitted, so he wanted to wear it right away! His fit perfectly, but if needed any local jeweler will be able to adjust your JORD Watch.

One morning before leaving for work he asked me, “are you done taking pictures of ‘the watch’ yet?” His VP asked him to go to a meeting and he wanted to wear it with his suit. I love how he paired it with navy! He wore a brown belt and shoes to tie the look together.

He does so much for our family and it makes me incredibly happy to give him a gift he can’t wait to wear. Plus check out the packaging. No wrapping needed.

If you want to add to the uniqueness of your gift, select the custom engraving option. You can add an engraving to any JORD men’s watch. That would be a special way to remember an occasion like a first Father’s Day in our case. Did I mention they make these for women, too? Oh yeah!

The Oregon hippie in me (Kurt calls it Portlandia) is also really excited that this company uses all raw materials for their watches. They even have unisex options!

Do you want one of these beautiful wood watches of your own? JORD is offering my readers an exclusive contest! Just enter your name and email for a chance to win a $100 e-card.

Just for entering, JORD is giving each contestant a $25 e-card once the contest ends! How cool is that?!



*Contest Ends June 25th, 2017. Code Valid Until August 31st, 2017.*


Luxury Wooden Watch