7 Self-Care Tips for Surviving Winter

1. Wear Bright Colors.

Just because it’s dark outside doesn’t mean you have to wear dark! I always feel better in yellow, or another vibrant color. Also obsessed with “wine” right now, but I’m not a fashion blogger so I’ll leave that up to y’all. (;

2. Eat Garlic, Yogurt and Almonds.

As y’all know, this time of year all kinds of flu and cold viruses are going around. And I learned the hard way last year that prevention is everything. It turns out, garlic is not just for warding off vampires! It has been shown to stimulate the immune system by multiplying antibodies and even reduce existing symptoms of the cold and flu. Booyah!

My second self-care food for winter is yogurt. Eating yogurt is great for the digestive tract as a source of probiotics. And guess what else? Vitamin D! Definitely need that this time of year.

Lastly, organic raw almonds are a gem of a snack to keep around. They contain protein, fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, calcium, potassium and iron. Need I say more??

3. Take an Epsom Salt Bath.

Many people think of epsom salts as relaxing, and indeed they are. But they also offer a glorious detox for the body and muscles. I like to add 1-2 cups to a warm bath. You’ll get the most benefit if you soak for at least twenty minutes. But I’ve been known to stay in there for a good two hours. Don’t judge.

If you’re adding essential oils to your bath, make sure to add them to the epsom salts first so that they are not just sitting on top of the water. Some of my bath time favorites are: PanAway, Spearmint , Frankincense, Stress Away and Melrose.

4. Moisturize.

This may sounds trivial, but we need to intentionally take more time out to do this during the winter. Nothing feels worse than itchy skin.

Currently obsessing over Young Living’s LavaDerm Cooling Mist. I love that I can spray it on my face instead of rubbing it in…because these days I need to save all the skin elasticity that I can. NowhatI’msayin?

5. Designate a Steel or Glass Water Bottle.

And drink plenty of water. This will probably be on any list I ever make about health. I can tell an obvious difference on days when I’ve been drinking more water. It benefits every organ in the body.

I find that when I have a special canister (with a straw) as my designated water container for the day, I drink A LOT more of it. Having it in something portable and functional enables constant reminder and easy consumption. I also love to add lemons or lime when I’m needing some flavor, which also happen to be great for cleansing the body this time of year.

6. Use Lavender EO Topically at Night.

The more I research Lavender Oil, the more I want every single person (but especially baby mamas) to have a bottle by their night stand. Other than inducing sleep and relieving stress, it has also been shown to moisturize, calm inflammation and reduce mucus. Say what??

One of my favorite ways to use Lavender is to rub it directly on top of my nasal passageway and temples before bed. It’s also nice on the chest and lymph nodes. Make sure to inhale deeply once you put in on and always start by diluting with a carrier oil, although Lavender is very mild.

7. Buy Yourself Flowers.

Or Valentine’s Day decorations if flowers aren’t your jam. But don’t reserve these things for special occasions! Grab those flowers you’ve been eyeing at the grocery store and bring them home! You’re living room will be brighter and chances are your mood will be too.


Disclaimer: Suggestions made on this website are specific to Young Living and should not be used with any other essential oils. This information and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Introvert Myths: Christmas Callout

I realized I haven’t directly talked about introversion in awhile. And I know some of you are like mehh who cares… I’m extroverted AF. Well, so is my husband and most of my close friends too. 

But I bet more people than you are aware of identify with my side of the fence. And they may not even know it either! Because just like any other group in society, introverts face judgy stereotypes. And, OK some of them are true. 🤷‍♀️One being that the holidays are sometimes stressful for us because of all the planning, expectations and social commitments.

So I’m calling out the stereotypes! I blogged three false blanket statements I hear all the time and what we want you to know about us instead: 

Introverts are shy.

Yeah, no that’s not what it means. While some might be shy, other introverts are actually prolific leaders. Introversion is about how we process information (internally). Everything carries specific meaning to us, and it takes time to understand life’s events and then put them through our brain’s filing system.

This just clicked for my husband one day about a year and a half into marriage. He looked over and realized I wasn’t listening to him because I was thinking too loud.

He said, “You’re thinking aren’t you!?” My response? Of course I was! I literally cannot shut my brain off, so I need alone time to think. But I’m not at all “reserved” or “timid,” which is how we would describe a shy person. 

Introverts don’t like people.

While I’ve heard some introverts directly admit that they do not In fact “like people,” this is definitely not the case for all of us or even the majority. Remember those non-stop thoughts? Yeah, I kinda need to recharge from that.

Think about it. When I hang out with you, I will ask for your thoughts on life, considering I am incapable of small talk.

I will then start thinking about your thoughts on life, my thoughts on your thoughts and then just my regular thoughts that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Exhausting isn’t it?? Enter alone time and misunderstanding or judgement from the other side. 

Introverts have no people skills.

The opposite is usually true, it just may manifest in different ways. I consider myself good one-on-one and OK to reserved in a group setting. This is because I crave the kind of deep connection that my complicated brain can create meaning from. 

See, when someone is going through something I actually feel it. I am so sensitive to human emotion that I will start to carry your struggles as my own.

So when I need to be alone, it’s not about being socially awkward (although sometimes I am 🤣) or being away from people I “don’t like.” It’s about being at peace with myself so that I can go back out into the world and rejoin its people as my best self. I’ll feel like a cluttered version of myself unless I get that time. 

Not as bad as you thought? Good. Because once we love you, you’re stuck with us for life! But give us some understanding. And that includes introverts giving ourselves grace! Especially around the holidays, OK?